Contact us on [email protected]
Contact us on [email protected]

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Startups Without Borders creates world-class entrepreneurship events, training programs, and media products, where diversity takes center stage. We’re here to build the startup ecosystem without borders.

What comes to mind when you hear the word refugee?

What’s the immediate image triggered by the word migrant?

Picture it. 

Now picture the refugee that created a $1.5 million blockchain startup in a refugee camp in the Netherlands. Picture the founder of Mygrants, who raised €1M in investment for his startup in Italy. 

Picture it vividly, because just like them, thousands of refugee and migrant entrepreneurs are creating mind-blowing businesses. They are not the exception to the norm. 

51% of one-billion dollar startups in Silicon Valley were created by migrant founders. 

They’ve been working without borders for decades. It’s time we create a startup ecosystem without borders, too. 

Because talent doesn’t have a passport.

What We Do

Content & Media

We don’t tell visual stories. We craft pieces of inspiration. Startups Without Borders is setting off to tell the stories of the world’s most courageous entrepreneurs, the bold founders who build game-changing businesses in foreign lands. We are telling the stories of the architects of the future.


Our world-class events bring together high-profile speakers, experts and international leaders from the startup, corporate, investment, government and non-profit sector to meet founders from the most remote corners of the world. From startup competitions, to training bootcamps, to the SWB summit, we gather investors, incubators, mentors, and corporations with a passion for creating new realities.

The Directory

We’re launching the SWB Directory, a platform for business angels and investors to access an incredible pool of high-potential migrant and refugee-led startups, while offering entrepreneurs exclusive resources and access to opportunities. Sign up to the beta version of the platform and get first-hand access!

Our Partners

Meet the Team

Our Core Values


Because we believe there are new realities in the making. And we want to support those shaping them.

Empathy, not Sympathy

Because we don’t want to give them an opportunity; we believe that they are the opportunity


Because we want to change perceptions. Because it’s time migrants are seen not as job seekers but job creators; not at technology consumers but innovators.

Diversity and innovation

Because if we all think the same way, then no one is thinking.

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