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A Insider Look into the Country Startup Tours at the SWB Summit

A Insider Look into the Country Startup Tours at the SWB Summit
November 3, 2020 Valentina Primo

Gear up to discover and uncover the places where you can easily start (and register) your business at the Country Startup Tours, from top-notch hubs where you can become an e-citizen like Estonia, to the heart of Silicon Valley, to European hubs like Cyprus, and the Netherlands.


The Startups Without Borders Summit 2020 promised to tackle all the makings of this brave new world. The hybrid model summit coming to screens all around the world on November 14th will be broadcast from three separate stages, from three different hubs in three continents; Amsterdam, Cairo, and San Francisco. 

In another first, the #SWBSummit2020 includes a never-before-seen feature; The Startup Country Tours. And if that sounds cosmopolitan, it’s because it is. Experts will guide summit attendees on how to have a borderless experience starting and registering startups in places that are fertile land for businesses, from top-notch hubs where you can become an e-citizen like Estonia, to the heart of Silicon Valley, to European hubs like Cyprus, and the Netherlands.

Each of these workshop-style, limited capacity tours will see an expert joining the summit through a strategic partnership and offering a unique perspective and their take on starting up in their respective country of expertise. For example, the summit has teamed up with Nyenrode Business University for the “Netherlands Startup Guided Tour.”


As for the Mecca of tech, Silicon Valley, the summit is teaming up with none other than Chris Neumann, the Founder and CEO of Commonwealth Ventures – an organization devoted to narrowing the expertise gap between international startup ecosystems and the Silicon Valley. Which is the kind of expertise Chris will be bringing to screens around the world through the summit with his workshop titled Startup Guided Tour: How to fundraise and extract expertise from Silicon Valley without actually moving here. 


With startup eyes set on smaller European countries that today offer a fertile base for startups, the summit has also employed the help of Anett Numa, Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre. This is where attendees will learn to become e-citizens and create businesses in the country. Her personal belief is that all processes and structures of public services should be accessible and simple for every single citizen, something that should ring close to home for any budding startup in the process of registering anywhere. 

Another often-overlooked European country that is a startup community secret is Cyprus. It is an affordable, safe, and idyllic business destination for companies operating in the MENA region and Mediterranean. Changelabs’ own founder Karim Samra will be taking to the stage for this tour. “We have state of the art facilities and high speed internet, vibrant beachfront communities, a strong legal and economic foundation, two International airports and daily direct flights to dozens of destinations, and are part of the European Union”, he says about Cyprus.


The impact-centered startup accelerator Changelabs he has founded and operates in Cyprus has launched a one-of-a-kind startup registration package in partnership with local attorney and entrepreneur Demos Katsis. In line with the company’s mission of helping MENAentrepreneurs succeed, the new package will enable companies to establish legal status in Cyprus for just 5,000 Euros, including obtaining the necessary residence paperwork and the opening of corporate and personal bank accounts in both dollars and Euros. These are just some of the details Samra will be tackling. “We’re committed to helping startups succeed and we will always be part of their whole journey – in the new global environment this includes providing them with funding, acceleration, learning opportunities, and putting them on a solid legal footing from which they can scale their business securely and safely,” he added. And that couldn’t be more evident with the 1:1 business mentorship opportunities on offer.

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