How to Develop a Camel Startup Mindset With Ayman!

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The present economic uncertainty has turned the startup landscape into something more of a desert in terms of access to finance. In order to survive this increasing drought, startups, according to Ayman, s need to change from a “growth at all cost” unicorn mindset to a more drought-resistant mindset.

Sounds interesting? Then join our masterclass with serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth expert Ayman Ghoneam, to learn more and become an awesome resilient Camel?


Main Topics

  • What is “The Camel Startup Mindset”?
  • The core difference between camel and unicorn
  • Main pillars of the “Camel Mindset”
  • Investment in case of a Camel startup


About Ayman

For the past decade, Ayman Ghoneam focused on building new ventures from scratch. In doing so he has realized that his passion is to help entrepreneurs and investors create socially responsible ventures. Between 2012 and 2022

Ayman founded, co-founded, and provided consulting services to numerous ventures in multiple industries including energy, technology, capital market & financial services, education, media, investment management, fashion & lifestyle, and learning & development.


About AG’z DEV

AG’z DEV is a growth agency that specializes in driving business acceleration and growth by providing proven hybrid business models.

Unlike traditional business management consulting firms, AG’z DEV’s team of experts leverages innovative business development methods, and technologies to help businesses adapt to the fast-changing world and achieve sustainable growth.


  • Ayman Ghoneam
The Camel Startup Mindset With Ayman!
10 Sep 2022 13:00
Founder & Managing Partner at Multiple Digital Businesses
Ayman Ghoneam

Ayman Ghoneam

Founder & Managing Partner at Multiple Digital Businesses

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September 10, 2022 1:00 pm
September 10, 2022 3:00 pm