Istanbul Startup Accelerators at a Glance


The number of tech companies in Turkey began to increase rapidly in the early 2000s. Since 2010, the number of startup accelerators has increased every year. Here’s a list of top startup accelerators and acceleration programs in Istanbul in alphabetical order:

1905 Ventures

In partnership with Galatasaray Sports Club, the 1905 acceleration program was initiated in the field of sports and entertainment in order to support the development of the sports industry.

The program supports sports startups in the following areas:

  • Team and Athlete Performance
  • Recreational Sports
  • Fan Experience & Engagement
  • Sports Media & Content
  • Smart Fields
  • Insight & Efficiency

The acceleration program offers startup founders:

  • POC (proof of concept) Focused Program During the 10-week training and mentor-supported program, founders will have the opportunity to develop and test their business model with Galatasaray Sports Club.
  • Unique Connections in Sports During the program, startups will get access to mentors who are experts in their fields. and investor networks in the field of sports and technology.
  • Galatasaray SK Resources Throughout the program, startups will be able to test their ideas with real customers and sports fans, thanks to realistic data and a test environment, provided by the Galatasaray football team.
  • Access to Program Sponsors You will have the opportunity to reach partners, leading institutions, and brands that support the sports industry.
  • Demo Day Where experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and sponsors in the field of sports technologies will participate.
  • Investment At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to receive investment from 1905Ventures

Location: Huzur Mh., Metin Oktay Street, Sariyer/Istanbul, Istanbul, 34396


Accelerate2030 is the world’s largest program supporting entrepreneurs from developing and emerging markets to scale their solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Turkey Scale-Readiness program consists of a 6-month acceleration journey, where the capacity building will be combined with networking and matchmaking opportunities with the private and public sectors.

In Turkey, Accelerate2030 operates within the framework of the “PEP-Promotion of Economic Prospects” program, where startup founders will receive support in the following key areas:

  • Business development
  • Matchmaking with private companies from different sectors, to build long-term connections and open up business development opportunities.
  • Strategic connections with investors, international organizations, public sector actors, decision-makers, and leading corporations.
  • 1-1 session with mentors, coaches, and sector experts.
  • Visibility and positioning
  • Global opportunities

Selection criteria include:

  • Impact on the SDGs: Your solution effectively addresses a substantial issue linked to the SDGs.
  • Scalability: Your solution has the potential to be replicated and scaled to other contexts.
  • Growth Stage: Your venture shows traction and demonstrates impact already.
  • Skillful Team: Your team demonstrates the ambition and skills to scale your solution.

Portfolio: Mi Terro, Mycotech, ScrapaysUnergy, Unibio, VIC, and more

Location: Global, Turkey

AlBaraka GARAJ

AlBaraka GARAJ organizes an acceleration program that supports entrepreneurs by offering the necessary resources to accelerate their business, such as guidance, networking opportunities, working area, financial support of 50K TL, training program, workshops, consultation, and business support

The program focuses on startups working with:

  • Financial Technology, Payment Systems
  • Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning
  • Social Enterprise
  • SaaS, Chatbot, HR, Mobile Business Models
  • Educational, Advertising, Health Technologies

Portfolio: Tech Sign, Inooster, Omnibus, Rubicio, Pedicel, Pays Account, My Dues, I Caked, and more.

Location: Berlin, Istanbul


Etohum is the leading startup accelerator and seed investor in Turkey. Every year, Etohum is selecting the most promising startups from thousands of applicants. These teams are trained and mentored for an acceleration period of 3 months.

The program is open to entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a new business idea, but haven’t yet established a company
  • Are about to establish their companies to realize their business idea
  • Have already established a company but needs capital, management, marketing

Portfolio: Rent ’n Connect, Invidyo, Positive Energy, Chain, and more

Location: Istanbul

FounderBoost Turkey

FoundersBoost finds the best pre-seed tech startups globally and prepares their founders for accelerators, investment, and revenue with our global pre-accelerator programs. Since 2017, FoundersBoost has helped to pre-accelerate 365+ pre-seed startups chosen from over 4,700 applicants globally and raised over $115m in funding.

The program involves six weeks of training:

  • Induction
  • Customer Development
  • Pitch And Presentation Skills
  • Market Sizing
  • Building Products that Matter
  • Venture Funding and Accelerators

By joining the pre-accelerator program founders can get access to:

  • Workshops
  • Mentors
  • Community
  • Coaches
  • Perks & Discounts

Location: Global, Turkey

Founder Institute

As the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, the Istanbul Founder Institute chapter helps aspiring entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, and small teams get their initial traction and funding.

Few Quick Facts about FI:

  • Over $1.75BN in Funding Raised by FI Alumni
  • Over $2M in discounts and freebies from AWS, Google, Zendesk, Stripe, and more.
  • Global Ecosystem of entrepreneurs, ecosystem leaders, advisors, and investors
  • Helped over 6,000 entrepreneurs
  • Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 95 countries

The program involves 16 weeks of training sessions and workshops on customer development, branding, design, revenue, legal, go-to-market strategies, hiring, onboarding, and growth

FI alumni list is made of many high-profile startups such as Udemy, FightCamp, CheckBox, Formalytics, etc

Location: Global, Istanbul

Game Factory

Game Factory is an online game development incubator and accelerator for indie game start-ups looking to supercharge their game business.

Reaching over 70+ startups and 4000+ members, Game Factory is the biggest and most successful game startup incubator in the Turkey region and supports all types of game developers, bringing them from 0 to 1 through many different acceleration and incubation programs.

Location: Yeşilce, Nil Ticaret Merkezi, Yunus Emre Cd. No:8 D:5.Kat, 34418 Kâğıthane/İstanbul

Girişim Fabrikası – Fit Startup Factory

The mission of the Fit Startup Factory is to create high-growth and sustainable tech startup businesses in the industry by offering them lean-business methods, customer-driven business methodologies, mentorship, business training, and networking opportunities.

The Venture Factory Acceleration Program, provided by Fit Startup Factory, is a business acceleration program that supports tech entrepreneurs to grow from the idea stage to the growth stage and helps them bring their innovative business ideas into reality. Young entrepreneurs are provided with 200K TL as funds, tools & resources to reform technology-based innovative business ideas into highly commercialized products and services in the market.

Other entrepreneurship programs offered by Fit Startup Factory include:

  • Investment Preparation Program for Technology Entrepreneurs
  • Innovative Transformation Program from Academy To Enterprise
  • No-code Focused Pre-Incubation Program

Notable Alumni: pachacips, counterfake, iwrobotx, akillibes

Location: Ortak Çalışma Alanı Özyeğin Üniversitesi Çekmeköy Kampüsü Nişantepe Mah. Orman Sok. Çekmeköy, İstanbul, İstanbul 34794

Granati BBVA Partners

Granati BBVA Partners hosts an accelerator program that helps enterprises grow & scale by offering them industry-specific support & assistance.

The main goal behind this program is to take participating businesses to the next level by providing them with fully-equipped office space, mentorship, collaborative & commercialization opportunities, marketing support, business consultancy, training & seminars, access to finance, and infrastructure & technical support.

Entrepreneurs who have high-growth potential, scalable business models, and strong revenue models can take part in this program.

Portfolio: Misafir, Phishup, Massive Energy, Ability pool, Ottan, Techbros, Safetech, and more.

Location: Buyukdere Cad. Dogus Business Center Floor:5 Mecidiyekoy / Istanbul


Hackquarters was founded in 2015 with the vision to bring together the most promising startup founders with leading innovative companies while providing a launchpad into new markets in various verticals.

Today, based in London and Istanbul with more than 69 programs, Hackquarters have helped more than 800 founders from 100+ countries to succeed.

Current Programs organized by Hackquarters (May 2022):

Program graduates include Farmingo, Bridgesoft, Kidolog, BabyAcademy, and more.

Location: Talatpaşa No:5/1, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey


HackZone operates a 6-month startup accelerator program that assists startups to scale, grow, and succeed in the industry.

The program assists participants in developing unique business ideas, creating customer experiences, and innovative business models.

Other perks include:

  • Up to 200K TL in funding
  • An intensive training program
  • Mentorship, access to industry experts
  • Access to an investment network
  • Commercialization business support
  • Business solutions support

Portfolio: Co-One, B2Metric, Otokonfor, Diyetkolik, Uservision, Mind Behind, Stox, and many more.

Location: Organized at Hackquarters: Talatpaşa No:5/1, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

ICUBE International Accelerator Program

Provides startups with training, consultancy, mentoring, and strategy development for Technology-based companies in order to provide access to international markets and establish appropriate cooperations with potential investors

The main goal of the program is to support companies in Istanbul to establish partnerships in the UK with foreign cooperations by creating suitable business models to support foreign business development.

Main perks include:

  • Increasing the existing capacities
  • Providing the funds needed to scale up
  • Providing access to international markets
  • Establishing appropriate collaborations with potential investors
  • Access to professional trainers and mentors

The program is open for:

  • Companies operating in technoparks
  • Entrepreneurial teams in incubation centers
  • SMEs developing technology-based products
  • Individual entrepreneurs with prototype ready

Success stories includes: AkSense, PepApp, and more.

Location: Istanbul, UK

InnoCampus (Not Active)

InnoCampus is a mobile accelerator program that travels from city to city helping entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life.

Since March 2015, InnoCampus has organized 7 programs in 5 different cities. The training is given by subject experts and experienced entrepreneurs.

Throughout the program, the teams are supported by mentors. Besides entrepreneurship training, technical workshops are given in the mobile InnoCampus fab lab so the teams with product ideas can build their prototypes.

The goal is to visit universities all around Turkey and teach potential entrepreneurs basic skills of entrepreneurship and introduce them to mentors and organizations who can support them in different phases.

The program is made possible through the support of sponsors and volunteers experts and trainers.

InnoCampus Programs include:

  • Startup Weekend: 48 hours of a marathon with little sleep, lots of coffee, and mentor support where teams develop and improve their business models
  • Startup Accelerator Program: A comprehensive accelerator program with training, mentor support, and investor pitches organized in different cities of Turkey to bring your business idea to life.
  • International Events: International startup events where our most successful teams are invited to receive training and work with entrepreneurs from other countries.
  • YapLab Programs: Prototyping support and workshops for startups and enthusiasts.
  • Hackathon: 48 hours of nonstop coding marathon with little sleep, lots of coffee, and mentor support where teams develop software solutions.
  • High School Summer Camp: Entrepreneurship and creativity camp for talented and curious high school students from all over Turkey

Location: Şişhane, Istanbul, TR


Innogate is an International Acceleration Program that connects technology companies with potential customers, investors, mentors, and business partners in the US market. They do this by providing training, consultancy, and coaching at San Francisco, New York, and Chicago offices in order to help them expand into global markets.

Innogate accelerates Technology-based startups that have reached mid or large-scale and looking to expand globally by assisting them to:

  • Identify their scalable business models
  • Determine their product innovation roadmaps
  • Adjust market outreach, pricing, sales, and marketing strategies
  • Build short, medium & long-term roadmaps

Inngoate has launched 15 cohorts, from which 101 Alumni firms graduated and 26 investments were made in total

Notable Alumni: Juno, Workbe, feedgage

Location: Reşit Paşa Mah. Katar Cad. No:4 İç Kapı No:1101 34467 Sarıyer, İstanbul, San Francisco

innovate21st – Acceleration Program

Developed by idacapital, and supported by various institutional investors, Innovate 21st Acceleration & Investment programs offer a wide range of knowledge base and Venture Capital support to help startups that can produce alternative solutions to conventional systems and have passionate and reliable teams reach their goals more easily and constructively.

They assist ten entrepreneurs & startups in a single cohort and support them to grow, scale, and achieve international success.

Previous acceleration programs examples include:

  • Digital Inclusion 2022
  • FinTech & Financial Inclusion 2021
  • Retail & PropTech 2020

Notable Alumni: navlungo, Agrio, worqcompany Location: WorqCompany Akasya AVM, No:426B, 34660, Üsküdar, İstanbul

Inovent A.Ş.

BIGG4TECH Program by Inovent is a business acceleration program that helps startups and entrepreneurs to implement their business ideas in the industry. The program assists ten entrepreneurs & startups in a single cohort and supports them to grow, scale, and achieve international success.

This 8-week business program provides participants with training, entrepreneurship knowledge, strategic and funding support, mentorship, research & development technology, investment of 200K TL, innovative business ideas, and product-market fit.

The program’s key focus areas:

  • Water Treatment
  • Information technologies
  • Diagnostic Technologies
  • biomaterials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Treatment of Rare Diseases

Portfolio: Fazla Gida, Maxima, Reminis, Auto Train Brain, and more.

Location: Sabancı University Orta Mahallesi Üniversitesi Cad. Rectorate No:27 P/1 Tuzla Istanbul


Inventures is the leading early-stage internet business accelerator with a proven track record of successful exits. The accelerator provides a seed-level investment of up to $200,000 seed capital., technological partnership, and mentorship to entrepreneurial teams starting a web and mobile-focused businesses

By joining the accelerator, startups will get access to Business Development support services, Key partnerships with international software companies, and help with legal, accounting, financial management, digital analytics, and marketing.

Notable Alumni: trendyol, cikolatasepeti, aerobilet and more.

Location: Nisbetiye Mahallesi, Nisbetiye Caddesi No:24/19 Beşiktaş / Istanbul

Kök Projekt

Kök Projekt develops and facilitates startup acceleration programs with a great focus on technological developments and market trends within the agriculture, food, water, and energy industry.

The Accelerator Programs include:

  • Mentorship & matching with experts
  • Networking opportunities with key stakeholders
  • Perks & tools
  • Support after the program
  • Access to a devoted community
  • Investment opportunities
  • Incubation space & cloud kitchen

Kök Projekt offers a corporate innovation to facilitate partnerships between corporates and startups within the food, agriculture, water, and energy industries,

Portfolio: FIG, FoodBack, Imece, LIFE, and more.

Location: Istanbul

KWORKS – Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center

KWORKS operates a 12-month accelerator program that serves as a hub for entrepreneurs to build great businesses in the industry by enhancing their path to building scalable, successful, and sustainable businesses.

KWORKS offers entrepreneurs a lot of crucial perks, such as a co-working space, business & product development support, legal, technical & financial consultancy, infrastructure, cloud services, connection-building opportunities, guidance & business advice from top experts, training, mentorship sessions, and access to attend demo-day programs.

The program support startups in the niche of AR, VR, SaaS, B2B, IoT, AI, mobile & web apps, etc.

Current programs include:

Portfolio: ActInFly, AdsBot, Decky, Flapp, Kutu, and more

Location: 19 May District, Golden Plaza 1st Floor, Sisli 34360, Istanbul

Now Sprint! Startup Accelerator

The next organization on our list is not located in Istanbul. Never the less still totally worth mentioning.

What’s unique about Now Sprint!:

  • NO equity asked
  • Startups from all verticals and stages are welcome to join and receive the needed support with the help of their instructors and mentors.
  • Company Startup Program that matches the company’s needs.
  • Investors in-house
  • Global Accelerator Programs in Europe or the US.

Notable Alumni: ahtapus, skilleit, salubataofficial

Location: 75. yıl Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:5 Nazar İş Merkezi , Urla, Izmir, Izmir 35430

Pilot by Turk Telekom

PILOT, hosted by Turk Telecom, runs an accelerator program that assists startups and entrepreneurs to take their startups to new business heights in the industry.

This 12-week intensive acceleration program prepares entrepreneurs to create a viable, scalable, and validated business model and pitch their businesses in front of investors on the demo day.

The program provides participating businesses with:

  • Cash support up to 200K TL
  • Marketing & business development opportunities
  • Business cooperation & partnership opportunities
  • One-on-one mentorship from industry experts & investors
  • Business advise from professionals belonging to different business sectors
  • Training programs
  • Networking & connection-building opportunities
  • Access to investor networks
  • Office space
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Mobile communication

Portfolio: Doktorin, Cubic.FM, Fotrama, G4Tech, Jukela and more

Location: Türk Telekom İstanbul Gayrettepe Genel Müdürlüğü, Gayrettepe Mahallesi Yıldız Posta Caddesi No:40 Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş, İstanbul


Plug and Play Istanbul connects the most innovative startups with leading corporations in Turkey, especially in the mobility, IoT, smart manufacturing, energy, and logistics industries.

Plug & Play incentivizes entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technology, office space, access to a comprehensive ecosystem, digital innovation, potential partnerships, and networking opportunities.

Notable Alumni: Dropbox, CourseHero, LendingClub, Hippo, and more

Location: Global Istanbul


QNBEYOND runs a 6-month business acceleration program that aims to help entrepreneurs grow and succeed in their businesses by offering them various business benefits.

This acceleration program provides participants with:

  • Grants up to $5,000
  • Access to business networks and global business markets
  • Mentorship from experts
  • Coworking space
  • Investment opportunities
  • Technical assistance
  • Access to business education & knowledge
  • Advertising & marketing support
  • Business consultancy
  • Resources to validate business ideas

This program accepts applications from tech startups working on innovative & scalable products & services in the idea stage, prototype stage, MVP & closed-beta stage.

Portfolio: TransferChain, EkosAi, HockeyStack, VenueX, FirstBatch and more

Location: Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. Kristal Kule Binası B Blok No:215, Şişli, İstanbul

Sabanci University SUCool

Sabanci University SUCOOL Startup Acceleration Center supports innovation and technology-based early-stage startups by providing training, mentorship, business development, working space, and investor relations support to selected entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the SUCOOL Startup Acceleration Center is to support ideas at an early stage, enable entrepreneurs to move faster, and find real solutions to real problems through high-value-added technology.

SUCOOL supports startups that meet the following selection criteria:

  • Ready to go to the market
  • Have a competent team,
  • Have a clear business model
  • Or have graduated from the pre-SUCOOL. program

Startups joining SUCOOL will benefit from an 8-week training program, receive mentorship support, use ImpactHub Istanbul offices free of charge, and get access to Sabancı University’s business and investor network.

Notable Alumni: FazlaGıda, Shopier, MentalUP

Location: Kolektif House Levent. Esentepe Mah. Talatpasa Cad. No: 5 (Harman Street Entrance) Sisli / Istanbul

SDG Impact Accelerator

The SDG Impact Accelerator (SDGIA) is a global accelerator built by a multi-stakeholder platform focusing on empowering systems entrepreneurs and innovators who are providing impact at scale.

SDGIA supports founders and innovators with mentoring, and funding opportunities in an accelerated time frame with the help of global investors mentors, and partners.

The Accelerator offers:

  • Equity free cash of up to $15K and in-kind support.
  • Mentoring support
  • Field Visits to understand the users and meet with the main actors
  • Global and local network
  • Impact Capital of up to $100K
  • Implementation by making targeted introductions to make the process smoother and continue supporting you during the implementation phase.

Notable Alumni: Agcurate, Nepser, ForFarming, and more

Location: Global, Turkey

SG Sports Startup Accelerator Program

SG Sports Startup Accelerator Program provides support to innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups who have a sports-based product or service.

This Istanbul-based accelerator program provides participants with mentorship, training, assistance, access to attend boot camps, networking with strategic partners & investors, partnership-building opportunities, and investment, and fund-raising opportunities.

The objective of this program is to offer solutions to different sports-based problems under the verticals of:

  • Big data & sports analytics
  • Sports education & coaching
  • Smart stadiums
  • Fantasy games
  • Advanced sports materials
  • Nutrition & sports supplement
  • Wearable sports technologies
  • Gamification of sports
  • Smart sports systems & devices

Location: Istanbul


Startupbootcamp Istanbul is a leading acceleration program with no geographical or vertical limitations. It is aimed at all tech startups in Istanbul

Ten selected startups will be provided with funding and incubation space along with intense mentoring focused on the shape, build and sell stages of product and business development.

This 3-month program offers customized support, fundraising and revenue-increasing opportunities, exposure channels, an unparalleled network of industry professionals, expertise, tailored mentorship, perks & benefits, access to a global network of corporate partners and investors, and co-working space for the healthcare startups.

Portfolio: Botler, Composy, Moodnode, VRex, and more

Location: Istanbul


Viveka’s mission is to provide full accelerator services which are focused around providing the best possible return for our entrepreneurs & investors.

The program helps entrepreneurs to reach long-term sustainability by providing an early opportunity for funding, mentorship, knowledge, and support.

Viveka also offers incubation and pre-incubation programs

Location: Istanbul, Tallin, Izmir, Ankara

Workup Agri

Workup Agri accelerator program works to support agriculture-focused startups to build scalable businesses and viable solutions in the agriculture industry.

The program lasts for 6-month and supports sustainable business productions, provides mentorship from experts and creates digital business models for startups specializing in smart agriculture, climate change, supply chain & distribution, water use management, and other agriculture business areas.

Portfolio: Wastepresso, Soyl-Gel, 3pmetrics, wiCow, BeePlant, and more.

Location: Hackquarters: Esentepe, Talat Pasa Str., No:5, Kolektif House Levent, Şişli, Istanbul