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>Yasmine Yehia

About The Speaker

Yasmine Yehia

MEA Employer Branding Manager at Schneider Electric. Yasmine is an HR expert with 22+ years of experience in both global and local organizations. She is a certified online and offline trainer with 14+ years of experience as a corporate and freelance trainer teaching unique topics in the personal development arena and employer/personal branding. She currently holds the role MEA Employer Branding Manager at Schneider Electric being one of the few in the MEA region to manage this function. She is a certified ICF Career & Life Coach and an LVI Assessor. Her solid experience in HR and personal development certainly gave her an edge to make a unique name of her own in the coaching industry. In 2020; Yasmine earned a practitioner certificate in Resilience coaching from the neuro-semantics school following her passion on the topic and how it personally helped her survive the year of the pandemic!