Through our events we are able to support and connect hundreds of startups from around the world, helping them to scale their impact and create positive change in their communities. The events are our strongest tool to connect our community of entrepreneurs, investors, and changemakers to each other and inspire them to share the vision of a more diverse and sustainable world.

Startups Without Borders Summit

The Startups Without Borders Summit has been recognized as one of the Top Startup Events internationally, gathering entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in unique locations.

The summit serves as a powerful platform that connects thousands of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, influential speakers, and esteemed investors. It brings together a diverse community of forward-thinkers, fostering meaningful connections, and facilitating valuable networking opportunities.

Networking Events

We specialize in organizing networking events across the MENA region and Europe, dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with investors, ecosystem players, and potential partners. These carefully curated events serve as invaluable platforms to support the growth of startups, offering unique opportunities for networking, collaboration, and access to resources. By bringing together key stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we foster an environment where meaningful connections are forged, and growth opportunities are unlocked.

SWB Angels Demo Day

The Demo Day is a quarterly event hosted by Startups without Borders to shed light on the spectacular startups within the international and local community of Startups without Borders.

The Demo Day is an unparalleled chance for the investors to discover the latest innovations in entrepreneurship and connect with the best and brightest startup founders from around the world.


The Borderless Meetups are dynamic events that bring together our vibrant community of entrepreneurs, typically held prior to our summit. These meetups serve as a platform for connecting like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful relationships, and facilitating knowledge sharing. Through engaging workshops and insightful panel discussions, attendees gain valuable insights and practical advice from industry experts.


Our hackathons provide a platform for individuals to harness their creative and technological skills, while tackling pressing community and global challenges. By bringing together a diverse range of participants, including experts and mentors, we facilitate an environment conducive to collaborative problem-solving and solution development. Our hackathons serve as catalysts for groundbreaking ideas and disruptive technologies, ultimately aiming to make a positive impact on society.

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