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Digital Marketing Trainer - Startups Without Borders
Contact us on info@startupswb.com
Contact us on info@startupswb.com

Digital Marketing Trainer

Digital Marketing Trainer
June 15, 2021 Valentina Primo

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Website Startups Without Borders

We’re looking for a digital marketing trainer and social media expert for our upcoming training program for refugee and migrant entrepreneurs. The trainer should have knowledge of Facebook marketing tools and experience in media planning, and should be proficient in English and Arabic.

Your profile:

  1. You have a minimum 1 year experience in Digital Marketing, either as a business owner, digital marketing student, Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing consultant.
  2. You have a minimum 1 year experience with Facebook Advertising,  either in an agency, at a client or freelancing.
  3. You are passionate about breaking down complex concepts into easy terms and explaining them to an audience.
  4. You are comfortable and have proven experience presenting in front of an audience. 
  5. You have knowledge of Facebook marketing tools (Ads Manager, Business Manager, Audience Insights, Facebook IQ).
  6. Experience in Media Planning and know basic media planning concepts.
  7. You have a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, tech, and social impact.
  8. You have a ‘getting things done’ philosophy and you take initiative to support other teams and roles.
  9. Ability to be proactive, take ownership, and work independently as part of a diverse team that collaborates from different countries around the world.
  10. Leadership skills are a must. You are enthusiastic about networking, collaborating, and meeting people from different cultures.
  11. Proficiency in English or Arabic.

About us:

Startups Without Borders is a global platform registered in the United Kingdom, that connects migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to opportunities and resources to build their businesses, wherever they are. Launched in 2018 in Cairo, with communities across European and Middle Eastern countries, the platform creates a wide variety of initiatives to build the startup ecosystem for entrepreneurs on the move, not only changing perceptions on refugees and migrants, but also crystallising a growing entrepreneurial trend amongst refugees and migrants.

We are fuelled by a small, mighty team working remotely from different cities around the world. In two years since our launch, we have supported 1,000 founders through our events, we have trained over 500 entrepreneurs, and have grown a community of 2,000+ doers and makers across the Middle East and

We live by these company values:

  1. We spread positivity. We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude. We choose laughter and happiness, because we know amongst the darkness we can create our own light.
  2. We are magicians. We don’t believe in impossible and we don’t make excuses: we always find a solution. We believe you can achieve anything.
  3. We reinvent ourselves. Growth is our language. We seek personal development and love vision boards. We strive to always be the best version of ourselves.
  4. Bold and brave. We take chances. We jump outside the comfort zone, we’re creative, we defy expectations, and challenge every limitation.
  5. We cherish diversity. We celebrate our differences and are friends with everyone. Because if we all think the same way, then no one is thinking.
  6. Empathy, not sympathy. We are servant leaders. We don’t want to give refugees and migrants an opportunity; we believe that they are the opportunity.
  7. Work hard, enjoy life. We’re high achievers and get things done no matter what. But once work is finished, we also take time to nurture our personal life.


*Startups Without Borders is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. Diversity is truly one of our core values, and we will consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to, and will not be discriminated against based on age, race, gender, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

To apply for this job email your details to info@startupswb.com

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