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  • Daina Basello

    - by Valentina Primo

    Traveling from a very young age, Daina is a bilingual, who’s interested in multiculturalism and “life in-between two culture”. The…

  • Toka Ashraf

    - by Valentina Primo

    Based in Cairo, Egypt, Toka is a researcher, an enthusiastic yoga student, and a “flowersaholic,” as she calls herself. Toka…

  • Yasmeen Smadi

    - by Valentina Primo

    NETHERLANDS Yasmeen Smadi is our Netherlands Lead, and writer. Jordanian by birth and Netherlands-based, she moved to The Netherlands in…

  • Mohamed Amr

    - by Valentina Primo

    Mohamed is a Computer Sciences student based in Cairo, who is deeply interested in volunteering and engaging with the startup…

  • Aasem Shahin

    - by Valentina Primo

    A digital marketing and social media expert, Aasem is a trainer at Startups Without Borders. He is also Head of Social Media Department and Social Media Consultant, involved in monitoring online brands and digital trends, setting strategies for online brands and monitoring the accuracy of their implementation, then enhancing it for achieving more of the goal set for them.

  • Dalia Younis

    - by Valentina Primo

    Born on the 5th of June 1986 in Cairo, Egypt, Dalia is a content creator and strategist. She is responsible…

  • Mohammad Hijazi

    - by Valentina Primo

    organizations including the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), British Council, British Embassies, Leo Burnett and 100+ clients across different fields and countries.

  • Nowar Rahmouni

    - by Valentina Primo

    Nowar is a motivational speaker who hosted several events and conferences. She is also the founder of “Gharna” for selling traditional, natural, and organic products with handcraft designs.

    Aside from being a freelance writer and researcher, she is a community coordinator managing all social media content with NGOs to engage with the targeted audience by following all the programmes and tasks to leave a positive impact.

    She is also a short documentary maker, having recorded 2 short documentaries: “Voices Under Pressure” and “Grass on a Stone”. She has a positive problem solving attitude with attention to details, proven success and leadership record in more than 12 years of working in different fields.

  • Omar Ghayaat

    - by Valentina Primo

    Omar Ghayaat works as a Growth Marketing Manager, helping businesses grow faster through performance marketing and funnel optimization. He has previously worked for clients in the MENA region like Emaar Dubai, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citibank, Noon, and Technology companies like Eventtus, Widebot, Gameball and more.

  • Rokaya

    Rokaya Abdel Rahim

    - by Valentina Primo

    Rokaya Abdel Rahim is the Lead Graphic Designer at Startups Without Borders. Having graduated  from the Faculty of Fine Arts, scenography department, in 2009, her experience revolves around working on visual concepts and graphic representation for architecture and interior design, focusing more on the idea of visual narration through photo manipulation, digital collage, drawing and graphic art, also joined and participated in several workshops in different art fields including photography, architecture and illustration.

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